Reasons Why Bed Bugs Spread

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In this episode Jeff will discuss the scientific article that was recently published in the American Entomologist and the Journal of Medical Entomology which discusses the bed bug reproductive process "traumatic insemination" and how this may influence the way bed bugs spread throughout an infested home.  Traumatic insemination is the process by which bed bugs reproduce in that the male pierces the females abdomen with his reproductive organ and injects his seminal fluid into the body cavity of the female which then circulates to the ovaries and fertilizes the egg.  For years bed bugs experts have noticed that when they are in an infested apartment, the bugs they typically see away from the aggregations of bugs (away from the sleeping areas) are typically female bed bugs.  The theory behind this behavior has been that females will be continually "assaulted" by males who are trying to reproduce with the females and this aggressive reproductive behavior can lead to infection and death in females.  The theory was that by fleeing the aggregations of males the females increase their chances to survive the reproduction cycle.  The paper that was recently published from the University of Florida proved in laboratory tests that adult females were typically the life stage that was dispersing away from aggregations of bed bugs.  This article started to put some scientific evidence behind this long-standing theory.
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